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Perfect Wedding Site – Our House


Three years ago our son and daughter-in-law had their perfect wedding at our home and invited close to 200 guests. We had a year to ready the outside and make some necessary repairs to the house (it’s over 100 years old this home). Our daughter-in-law handled all the wedding planning and she did a Fantastic job!!

Little did we know at the time that our daughter would also ask to host her wedding here 3 years later ……. next May, 2019!!

Having a wedding in your own backyard is not an easy task since every little detail needs to be scheduled and coordinated precisely. We did have a few glitches like the food was late and the hotel shuttle took forever, but all in all it was Beautiful!

Now Round 2 awaits us!!


I am positive this Old House is full of many, many family stories be it wedding, showers, birthday parties …….. it is the perfect place and we are honored to add yet another family wedding to the list.

Follow along as we plan the perfect day ahead …… oh, first up is the Baby Shower this weekend —- Grand baby #1 on the way from that lovely couple who wed here 3 years ago.

Of course, I will have photos to share!!!