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Christmas has Arrived

This year there is a special addition to our family and it will change the way we view Christmas forevermore! We welcomed our first grandchild 2 1/2 months ago and we are mesmerized by this little human. He is the most precious thing Ever!!! (said 1 million thousand Grandparents before me)

The memories of raising our own children are coming alive in our minds as we watch this little guy grow. Starting in January, I will have the honor of babysitting this little gem 2 days a week and I am excited, but Scared!! What if I do something wrong ……. what if he cries for Mom the whole time …..

Then I stop myself and sigh …… I’ve got this, I mean I did it twice already, right?

I have very fond memories of my own Grandparents growing up and as I reflect, they were definitely key in how I turned out. Even though they are gone from this world now, the bond can never be broken. They taught me important lessons and I hope to do the same. In 50-60 years will my grandkids remember me as the Gramma who encouraged them, had fun with them, loved them unconditionally, inspired them to be the best person they could be ………….

Of course they will …God chose me to be their Gramma and he will be with me every step of the way! I have a job to do! Thank you Dear Lord for the BEST Christmas present Ever!!!