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BABY Banner


I have owned a Cricut Expressions machine for years and  have used it on and off during this time when an occasion needed special decorations. My machine is pretty outdated compared to all the new ones I see online now. At one time I owned a Gypsy which worked with the Cricut and it allowed you to do some combination designing before cutting. My Gypsy only lasted about a year and they no longer make it.


You purchase the cartridges individually and they each have a unique theme. The cartridge I used for the BABY Banner is “Tie the Knot”. There are variations such as Shadow or Italic, etc. that can be used to create different designs. A booklet is included with most (the smaller versions have less designs and no booklet). Flipping through the booklet will give you ideas and show you the keys to use. There are adjustments you can make such as size on the machine, but the best way to get to know your Cricut is to just start using it and experimenting.


This banner was a new discovery for me and I found it perfect for the upcoming shower. The scalloped circles are 5″ and the letters are cut out. I also cut yellow circles to place behind the letters so they really stand out. I made additional letters for the baby’s last name – you can make Boy/Girl or any combination of words for a longer banner.


Punch out two holes on each circle and thread your ribbon or string through. Start at the right hole, go forward through it to the back and back through on the opposite left side. Additional stickers or flowers can be added depending on how fancy you want to make it!

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Simple Baby Shower Centerpiece



The baby shower is still in the planning stages and will happen next month! For a Grandma-to-be this is an Exciting and overwhelming event. I can not even begin to describe how I feel … elated, transformed, scared and thankful for our miracle on the way! Of course, with all the technology these days, we know it’s a Boy and doing well. ***Thank You Lord ***

We are hosting the event at a local (to them) restaurant so the food portion is handled once we have a head count and have made our choices. The decorations I want to keep simple since it’s not my own home and we have to bring everything there.

There are 8 tables seating 5 and a bar that will seat more – our own room atop the main restaurant – private and fun!

The table centerpieces as I mentioned – simple. I am placing a mason jar on a doily in the center of each table and below shows the pieces used –

The little crystal blue pieces or rocks can be found inexpensive on-line and I placed them in a plastic shot glass (you can just place in the mason jar without the added shot glass). I was going for Color here – blue for baby boy.  The stroller cutout I cut with my Cricut machine on blue cardstock. Four will be stroller and four will be rocking horse.


The flowers were made with coffee filters tinted with blue food color and assembled one on top the next secured with hot glue. Pretty easy!!

I will be sure to post photos at the actual shower next month!! Can’t wait!