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Learning the Art of Sugar Cookies


Not sure if Sugar Cookie decorating is a new trend or I have just started to notice them more and more lately. I decided it was time to delve into this creative food sensation since I will be a Gramma soon and that means More Parties!

Researching this decorating art started on You Tube and as you can image … I am fascinated! It is certainly not easy and very time-consuming. Finding the right recipe is Step 1. Gathering all the ingredients along with the chosen cookie cutters is the next step.

My first attempt was very amateurish as you can see and Practice is key with this art … lots of practice!


Once the cookies are baked and cooled and ready for decorating – I used Royal Icing which is another Step in this process. Find your recipe …. outline and flood your background on the cookie. This is not easy, but the consistency of the royal icing is key for the right look and behavior for further decorating.


My second attempt was a little neater (more You Tube viewing)! Once the base layer of royal icing is on the cookie, I waited overnight for the icing to harden. The next day I added the details.

As you can see, there are many steps involved and along with practice you do need quite a bit of patience. There is much more I hope to learn – stenciling for one with royal icing and an airbrush but that airbrush system is a future purchase. I need to get these basics down first and hopefully our first grand baby will arrive soon!!

Of course these cookies are Great favors and gifts for ANY and ALL occasions!!


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Desserts and Diaper Cake


Desserts can be as simple or elaborate as you wish at your celebration. There will be plenty of sweet lovers who can’t wait to indulge in your lovely creations! My daughter was in charge of the desserts at our recent baby shower and she worked with a local bakery and everything was delicious!! The little toppers on the cupcakes read “It’s a Boy” and she stated they cost more than the desserts themselves. Had I know that, I would have created a cute little design with my Cricut and saved her some money!!

A side note – the establishment we used allowed only desserts be brought in and we had to retain the receipt for 48 hours (due to liability issues).

We had the party at a restaurant right by the new (almost) parents home and the event was perfect.


The Diaper Cake was created by another family member and was an excellent addition to the Sweet table! I have decided to make “diaper flowers” as a gift to the new parents once the baby arrives.


I also added these little Thank You candy bars at each person’s sitting. Simply stamped an address label with the owl and thank you and tied a little bow string around each.

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Party Door Hangers


I am so excited to have discovered this door hanger on the Tie the Knot cartridge from Cricut! I cut the hanger at 10″ using stiff cardstock. I added and embossed the Stroller along with the Celebrate stamp for our upcoming baby shower decoration.

The cute little owl is stamped on purple cardstock and attached with a little foam square adhesive to give him some depth … isn’t he the cutest?

The possibilities for this are endless … they can be placed at each place setting, hung from a centerpiece vase or a chair or even all the doors at the event! Different stamps or wording can be added depending on the event. I also added the purple tulle ribbon and hot glued a purple flower and that sure gave the piece a look of Celebration!

I went a little crazy and spent a few hours just letting my Cricut cut more door hangers (stockpiling) for upcoming events. I have a few birthdays and, of course, the holidays will be here before we know it.

I did cut a few smaller 6″ and 7″ sizes and I think the 6″ would make some Great Christmas tree ornaments. Adding names along with glitter, pearls (you name it!) would make a very special gift!

*****Totally Exciting*****

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Celebrate Baby Sign


Using my Cricut machine and 2 different cartridges – Tie the Knot and Heritage – I cut the words Celebrate and Baby for a cute sign for the Baby Shower.  I cut both words on the same piece of paper one right after another – both at the 3″ size.


Once the words were cut out, I placed them on black cardstock so they really stood out and glued in place. Added to yet another piece of 12 x 12 cardstock and the sign is complete! I created two signs this way and then used the pieces the words were cut from and created yet two more signs.

You can keep the signs simple or embellish them as much as your imagination desires. The signs can also be joined with ribbon or string to form a banner or left as is and placed along the walls or tables at your celebration.

The word Celebrate from the Tie the Knot cartridge can be used at many functions – alone or with other combinations!!

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Mini oh baby Banner


Originally I purchased the baby lotion, baby wash, baby oils, etc. to use as a base for table centerpieces for our upcoming baby shower. I settled on a different design – you can see it here —-> Simple Baby Shower Centerpiece so I had to decide how to use these baby products.

I really like Banners since I feel they make a statement and it’s a cool statement if designed right. I noticed “oh baby” seems to be the theme of the current baby showers so I grabbed my packages of stickers to see if I could make the words (Yep, I could and did)

I had enough letters to make Four …. yes!!


I simply cut out the banner flags freehand one right after another (no machines) and then made a second smaller triangle which I glued to the first. I then punched little holes with a paper punch and used needle and string to attach all banner flags together. I looped the ends and hung around the top of the bottle necks.

You can easily use markers and write any wording you prefer – the baby’s name, etc. These can be made for birthday parties for kids or even adult parties using different products.

A little time and triangles and you can make an Amazing Banner for your next get together!!