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To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse

That is the big question right now! I desperately need to get my system back in order after the eating binges (Halloween … Thanksgiving … PLUS every day pick pick picking). And as a new Avon representative I do need to try the products in order to sell them effectively, correct?         

Enter into my life ……. Espira by Avon Ideal Cleanse

You can read more about the product information and/or purchase HERE!  In the Search area, type in Ideal Cleanse and you will be directed to the product.

Originally, I was going to wait until the New Year rolls around … but then I got to thinking – why wait? I should do this Cleanse before the next big holiday; Christmas and then New Year’s following right behind. This way I can remind myself that I did just cleanse my body so I need to be ever vigilant by eating the right stuff during the possible binge days. 

Sounds good in theory ….. (maybe I should wear post-it notes or set an alarm on my phone) …….. “”You have been Cleansed””

Instructions are included and I read them over a couple times. Three pills in the AM and 3 pills in the PM … drink tons of water. This is only for 3 days so the ideal time would be Friday – Sunday if you work outside the home I am guessing, but we will see how it does. This Cleanse can only be done every 3 months so it’s not like I can do it now and then again after the New Years. 

I will let you know how it goes ……. and please, if you would like to try the Espira Ideal Cleanse yourself, jump on over to my NEW Avon store and order some. Let’s be proactive this New Year 2019 and begin with a clean body and outlook on the future!

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