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My Adult Nephew Asked Me …

My nephew sat with me having a beer after a family holiday party – he is in his 30’s and I am mid-50’s – the conversation was fun and light-hearted. We reviewed the happenings of the day and generally caught up with each other’s lives. 

Our family is close knit and we have great respect for the “elders” (of which I may or may not fit into that category … depends on who you ask). Anyways, the younger adults will at times ask questions or start conversations trying to gain some wisdom or start a debate. In the past I would blurt out answers and defend my opinions going on and on.

Sure enough, this evening was no different.

The question came ……… And I had to stop and think. Of course, you have heard this question launched a million times to others and you listen to their answers.  But tonight I could sense my nephew was asking from his heart and looking for MY answer. 

He asked: “Would you change anything if you had to do it all over again?”

After several minutes of serious thought, I looked him in the eye and said, “Yea, I would.

I would have Smiled More!  

He raised his eyebrows a bit, shook his head  and said .. Yea!

 Smile More!

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