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Confessions of an Empty Nester

It is not easy becoming an Empty Nester.

I think the first realization we make is “That we did it” … ” We actually made it this far”                             That takes a while to set in as we strut around the empty house feeling oh so … like we conquered the world.

Then — it doesn’t take long … maybe a day, maybe a week and we soon realize the house actually IS empty and our kids are gone to live their own lives “without” us!! It starts to set in that they will survive without mom and dad and they are happier little grown-ups without our constant attention.

Ok … so now what?

So what are we suppose to do? We have to actually refocus our mind to think about other things besides our kids and their lives ………. That is NOT an easy task!! It can break the strongest of strong parents – but it does build character. 

We did it … be proud … let them go

That “so now what” question is so hard … it kind of hurts. Is our life really done, where’s the meaning? But you do continue on your merry way (one must) and the “letting go” part will always be there. I mean they will always be there, they are not leaving …….. just living a happier life without you!

If you have given your children a strong foundation all their lives and have been good role models instilling in them the goodness that you want them to experience in life, then it is a given, you have to endure the Empty Nest Syndrome.

But here’s the kicker

They will marry and have children and come to you ……. for advice maybe, or support or just love. And it will start all over again …….. you do have a purpose.

You are a Grandparent

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