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Selling Our Dream Home

Vintage Home on 3+ acres in Northern Illinois 

My Dream Home ……. had one stipulation – it had to have Columns on the front porch!! This beauty does and the previous owners did a beautiful job restoring/remodeling the inside. We will be here 5 years this Spring and will be hosting our daughter’s wedding here! This will be our second wedding – our son was married here 4 years ago, a year after we moved in.   ***The Memories***

As we welcomed our first grand child 2 months ago, we realized the driving back and forth to  babysit would be a bit much. We decided to move after our daughter’s wedding in the Spring, 2019.

Our home sits on 3+ acres considered country living but only 5 minutes from town.  It’s the perfect home … updated and really is rather large for just hubby and I. The whole upper level (I named The Peak) is where I do all my crafting, computing and hanging out on a daily basis. We did add a hoop house for spring/summer gardening and the 2 large gardens I grew fed many folks at the food pantry these past few years.

When the house is listed for sale, I will include that information

I think admitting that we really do have to move is the first step for me to “move on” and the initial act of acceptance. The house really is my dream home, but throughout our life priorities change. At this stage, those little grand babies out rule anything! I have also realized at this point in life that God really will set me on the right path … it’s not about me and having a big dream house.  It’s more about those little beautiful humans that I am gifted with to show them all that I have learned in this life.

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