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How to Grow Monarch Butterflies

Here’s what I experienced, learned and was blown away by ……..

If you ever see the above caterpiller munching away on a plant (that plant is Milkweed) be careful of these precious insects! First off, the only plant the Monarch caterpiller will eat is Milkweed….they lay eggs on the leaves and the babies emerge and eat the Milkweed until time to transform. 

Or so I happily thought and was ready to witness …….. UNTIL, the birds that I also love to feed, watch and photograph discovered the Monarch baby caterpillers and quite simply ……… ate them for breakfast.

Of course, I freaked out, didn’t think it was fair and started watching for tiny baby caterpillers on the milkweed…….some were SO tiny, some a bit larger. I had to save them!

I did …… 8 of them and it still gives me a wonderful feeling.

This is where it gets mesmerizing … after 14 days, they climb to the highest spot and spin silk to hang from. They hang here for a bit and then make a cocoon where they begin to transform. 

It is quite amazing (I now know where they get their sci fi themes from). They hang for 14 days in the cocoon and then right on schedule they emerge. And Trust me .. they were right on time!!

For more information, please read this article from and let me know if you ever experienced this or plan to in the future!

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