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Appreciating Nature in all its Beauty

In my previous post, I mentioned Nature and Wildlife being one of my many interests and how I love to sit with my camera and capture some great photos. Currently I have a Canon Rebel T6 that I purchased last Christmas. I like the fact that I can use different lenses with it.  At first I was a little disappointed because it does not have the Zoom up close like my Nikon point and shoot does. (The picture above was taken with the Nikon). As you can see it is not real clear. That is the major difference with the cameras ……..

The above photo was taken with the Canon Rebel and the clarity is amazing. You can even see the little star up in the sky and all the small individual branches. I actually received 2 different lenses as a kit with the purchase and have since purchased another after reading reviews. The lens on my wishlist is a bit expensive right now and one day I may be able to capture my closeup wildlife shots if I purchase it, but for now I am happy learning about life through the lens I have.

Tip: Always take that one “extra” shot because most times that’s the one that is almost perfect!

I classify myself as a Beginner and if you have any helpful tips to share from your Photography experience, please feel free to leave a comment and Thank You in advance!!

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