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Blogmas Begins

I have been seeing this hashtag #blogmas the last few days and decided to check it out. It actually sounds like a fun challenge to get involved in to ramp up my blog writing. Some days we just need that little extra push and this just may do it for me! The challenge begins December 1st and continues through December 24th. Your blog is involved and you are to write a daily post. What you write about is totally up to you … you can pick a theme or write random posts. Being that this is my first time doing this, I will stick with random posts.

I have my numbered paper ready and will begin writing ideas to post about for each day. Of course, the first day, December 1, we are out of town babysitting my new grandson so I will have the opportunity to use the scheduling feature with WordPress.

I see others mention writing ahead so they don’t miss a day or fall behind – especially, with the busy holiday season upon us. I am sure I will be checking and reading many of the #blogmas posts as possible!

Over the years I have started several blogs depending on my interest at the time. My interests range from gardening, living in the country to motivation and photography. Nature and wildlife are high up on the list also and I could sit for hours with camera in hand waiting for that special photo.

Wishing You a Merry Blogmas!!

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