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Goals ….


Flower Goal.png

Where do you begin?

Sure, there are a lot of dreams and aspirations you have, but really … setting a goal AND attaining it? This takes some thought. How do you look at a future date and think backwards?

With 2019 right on the horizon … it is time to set some Goals!

I don’t usually do this every year, but this year is quite different. I will be launching my new Avon career and taking charge by setting these goals is what I need to do. I have a whole lot of other things going on like my daughter getting married “at my home” this Spring, me starting to babysit for my First Grand baby AND we would like to MOVE!! So where do I begin to organize my thoughts let alone set goals?

A List ……… 5 Goals


I am a list maker … I live by lists. If I don’t have a list of things to do or things that need attention in the near future I am simply lost — wandering about my day with no meaning. Right now my desk has a few new lists here and there and some organization tasks in my mind, but Goals ……

I am stumped!

Usually though ……. And almost always when I sleep on something, I wake with the answer.

So here’s hoping I wake tomorrow morning with my Goals all set ………

 Update = Next Morning!! I have My Goals …… amazing, how that works. There is a truth to it when someone says “Sleep on It”.

These larger than life Goals can be broken down into smaller “how to get there” goals. Which is my next step … I definitely have a feeling of satisfaction and even determination now that I know where I am heading. I am sure there will be a few detours along the way, but I have My Goals!!

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