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Learning the Art of Sugar Cookies


Not sure if Sugar Cookie decorating is a new trend or I have just started to notice them more and more lately. I decided it was time to delve into this creative food sensation since I will be a Gramma soon and that means More Parties!

Researching this decorating art started on You Tube and as you can image … I am fascinated! It is certainly not easy and very time-consuming. Finding the right recipe is Step 1. Gathering all the ingredients along with the chosen cookie cutters is the next step.

My first attempt was very amateurish as you can see and Practice is key with this art … lots of practice!


Once the cookies are baked and cooled and ready for decorating – I used Royal Icing which is another Step in this process. Find your recipe …. outline and flood your background on the cookie. This is not easy, but the consistency of the royal icing is key for the right look and behavior for further decorating.


My second attempt was a little neater (more You Tube viewing)! Once the base layer of royal icing is on the cookie, I waited overnight for the icing to harden. The next day I added the details.

As you can see, there are many steps involved and along with practice you do need quite a bit of patience. There is much more I hope to learn – stenciling for one with royal icing and an airbrush but that airbrush system is a future purchase. I need to get these basics down first and hopefully our first grand baby will arrive soon!!

Of course these cookies are Great favors and gifts for ANY and ALL occasions!!


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