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Desserts and Diaper Cake


Desserts can be as simple or elaborate as you wish at your celebration. There will be plenty of sweet lovers who can’t wait to indulge in your lovely creations! My daughter was in charge of the desserts at our recent baby shower and she worked with a local bakery and everything was delicious!! The little toppers on the cupcakes read “It’s a Boy” and she stated they cost more than the desserts themselves. Had I know that, I would have created a cute little design with my Cricut and saved her some money!!

A side note – the establishment we used allowed only desserts be brought in and we had to retain the receipt for 48 hours (due to liability issues).

We had the party at a restaurant right by the new (almost) parents home and the event was perfect.


The Diaper Cake was created by another family member and was an excellent addition to the Sweet table! I have decided to make “diaper flowers” as a gift to the new parents once the baby arrives.


I also added these little Thank You candy bars at each person’s sitting. Simply stamped an address label with the owl and thank you and tied a little bow string around each.

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