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Mini oh baby Banner


Originally I purchased the baby lotion, baby wash, baby oils, etc. to use as a base for table centerpieces for our upcoming baby shower. I settled on a different design – you can see it here —-> Simple Baby Shower Centerpiece so I had to decide how to use these baby products.

I really like Banners since I feel they make a statement and it’s a cool statement if designed right. I noticed “oh baby” seems to be the theme of the current baby showers so I grabbed my packages of stickers to see if I could make the words (Yep, I could and did)

I had enough letters to make Four …. yes!!


I simply cut out the banner flags freehand one right after another (no machines) and then made a second smaller triangle which I glued to the first. I then punched little holes with a paper punch and used needle and string to attach all banner flags together. I looped the ends and hung around the top of the bottle necks.

You can easily use markers and write any wording you prefer – the baby’s name, etc. These can be made for birthday parties for kids or even adult parties using different products.

A little time and triangles and you can make an Amazing Banner for your next get together!!

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